How to Increasing your Websites Alexa Ranking: Blogging Tip

You have no doubt heard of Alexa’s Traffic Ranking website. Possibly you’ve heard of “Alexa Page Rank”, or “Alexa Site Rank”. While much effort is often spent in SEO work increasing your Google Page Rank you might be wondering if you should be spending some of those precious resources also trying to increase your Alexa Traffic Ranking.

What does Alexa Ranking do for me?

Good question! First thing to know is Alexa’s ranking system has no affect on where you rank in the search engine results. While Google’s Page Rank is one of the many pieces of information used by Google to decide where to rank your page in the SERPs of a search engine query, Alexa’s site rank is of no benefit in increasing your traffic from the search engine.

Is the Alexa Traffic Rank Useless?

That depends. While it has no affect on your search engine results it is a meter used by many companies to determine how much traffic your site gets. Why is this important? If you are trying to sell advertisement on your site, whether text ads or banner ads, many companies use this traffic rank to determine how much they are willing to pay for the ad so, the Alexa traffic rank can have a very large affect on your wallet!

How do I raise may Alexa Site Rank?

Alexa uses a sampling system to rank sites. The theory is that only a percentage of the people on the internet can be measured by Alexa. Therefore for each person that they know goes to the site, there is likely a very large number of people that they don’t know about that goes to the site. They use this percentage as a multiplier. In a rather simplistic summary of how this works, they count each person they know about as if they were a large group of people (10, 100. 1000 only Alexa knows).
1st step is to download the Alexa tool bar so that Alexa counts you each time you go to your website. This step alone will likely increase your traffic rank for your own country. You can cheat a little by making sure that you use the age, access location and other information for the group of people your site caters to as your information when you sign up for Alexa.
2cd While having an Alexa bar helps, it is not enough. The next step is to figure out how to attract other Alexa users. While there are no doubt many average internet users that use the Alexa search bar, you will find the greatest concentrations of Alexa users among other webmasters trying to promote their sites. Enticing those webmasters to your site is different than attracting other people to your site. This requires finding out what other webmasters are searching for and trying to provide it, hopefully in a way that makes them come back repeatedly. Often this is in the form of some service or list of information that is updated regularly.

Some ways to attract Alexa using webmasters include:
  1. Write Alexa Reviews Consider writing a review of the website on Alexa every time you find an new site that you like and find a nonspammy mention your site. While you don't get a link out of this, people may cut and paste your site into the URL bar to check it. You already know that anyone seeing the review uses alexa which means they likey have an alexa toolbar. Likely any webmaster checking thier Alexa Rank will want to read reviews on thier site and will likely check out a link of a favorable reviewer. Don't over do this, Alexa deletes spammy reviews.
  2. Participating in SEO forums, giving webmasters a link back to your site for more information on a matter. While other types of forums might help a little, you are wanting to concentrate on webmasters not necessarily on people interested in your sites topic.
  3. Participate in SEO Blogs. This requires saying something of interest that will get another webmaster to come to your site. Like forums, while other type of blogs may help, SEO blogs cater to webmaster that might be using the Alexa Tool Bar.
  4. Provide lists and information useful to other webmasters wanting to promote their sites. Often it is usefull to put this information on its own subdomain on your site. That way you can promote this subdomain with keywords specific to the service you are offering.
  5. Buy ads on SEO sites. Once again seo sites have the highest concentration of Alexa users.
  6. Add content of interest to Asian internet users, in particular it appears India has a high concentration of Alexa using webmasters. Understand that this will also change your Alex stats to reflect a higher number of users from that country. This can be a problem if you potential ad buyers are only interested in people from a particular country.
  7. Use some of the bookmarking sites like Stumble Upon. While the number of people on stumble with an Alexa toolbar is not necessarily higher than other sources, you can get a huge number of people visiting your site in a short period of time, increasing your chance or getting user with the Alexa Tool Bar. Note that this traffic is usually temporary, so you need to continue to promote using this method to gain long term results.
  8. Talk you friends into using the Alexa Tool Bar, and them coming to your site on a regular basis. Even having a few people do this can have a great affect on your Alexa Traffic Rank.
  9. Add an Alexa widget to your site. We’re still checking on the affects of this. In theory, when the script is ran it should alert Alexa to a person coming to your site and help your traffic rankings.
  10. Site reviews on SEO sites and Blogs. If the site has very good traffic than a review might be helpful in increasing your rank. For this to work it would have to be a very high traffic blog, that caters to webmaster.

Alexa Page Rank?

It’s good to note that Alexa does not rank pages, Alexa ranks sites. Even subdomains are counted in with the main site in the Alexa Ranking system. Often the pages you use to attract other Alexa users do not really fit in your main site. By putting these pages on their own subdomain, Alexa counts the visitors to your site while having minimal affect on the users of your main site. You can also promote this subdomain differently than you would the main site maximizing webmaster traffic.

Auto surfing Programs

This is a little more questionable and you should use caution if you decide to try one of these programs. Basically this is an organized way to artificially increase you traffic ranking; it also could go against the Google TOS. So, it might be best to only use this on pages that do not have Google Ads, once again a good reason to use a subdomain for increasing your Alexa Traffic Rank. The idea is to sign up with a bunch of other users and visit each other’s sites, which if Alexa doesn’t catch on, will increase your traffic rank.
Before starting one of these programs you might want to check the programs website’s Alexa Rank. If they can’t get their own rank up then they will not be able to help you much.

Alexa Traffic Rank Services

Another way webmasters can increase their traffic rank is by hiring services to help them. This can be very expensive so you need to make sure that an increase in your Alexa rank will really make a difference your ROI (return on investment)

Is it worth the effort?

If you plan on selling links or banners increasing your websites alexa traffic ranking is well worth the time, effort and expense. If your site does not rely on ads for revenue generation than likely the benefit you receive from increasing your Alexa Traffic Rank will be very small.

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