how to fix the YouTube “under review “problem with monetization

As you know Youtube is one of the best video websites , people around the world watching , learning from it ! but in another part people can generate revenue from it by uploading videos and monetizing them for more info see

Set up your channel and videos for monetization

When trying to upload video and monetizing them sometimes you get a problem that really sucks with me , i’ve spent long time looking for a solution and finally found it and wanted to share it with you in case you have the same problem .

The problem is while submitting a video for monetization you get your video “Under Review” for examination even if you own 100% of the video , and that really suck ,some people stuck in months with one video Under Review while you can fix it on less than 10 minute !!


The solution is simple .

1-Edit the video -> go to Audio ->                          create a new copy of the video

2-Rename the new copy of the video by deleting “Copy of”

3- Enable monetization of the copied video

4-Wait the processing step (take time sometimes)

5- Bravo, you have your new video monetized (you can delete the other one )

Here is a slide show video of the solution :


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