7 Ideas for Promoting Your Blog Offline

1. Create business cards and carry them with you everywhere you go.

This is a very simple and handy way to promote your blog on the go. You can easily create business cards using free, online software and quality stock paper, or you can always order them from a print shop, too. Carry them in your purse or wallet, and if you happen to strike up a conversation with a stranger at a restaurant, bar, at the gym or wherever, don’t forget to hand them out. Having a physical piece of paper that potential readers can refer to once they get home is a great way to generate interest among new readers. You could also hand out some inexpensive promotional products from a site like Quality Logo Products, which will help with brand recognition.

2. Attend blogging conferences and metups
While there are many blog readers who are not bloggers themselves, the majority of your audience, who will play a key role in further promotion of your blog, will have a blog of their own. As such, getting to know bloggers in person by attending local conferences and Meetups will help you widen your blogging network in a more personal way. I have registered on sites like
Meetup.com , IndiBlogger etc. and whenever there is a bloggers meet, I attend this for sure. Read some of the important points on MoneyConnexion that will help you the next time you go for a bloggers meet.

3. Print your blog name on car, T-Shirt etc.
There are many online sites where you can order a custom T-Shirt and print your blog name on either the back or the front. I have ordered a T-Shirt from
Vista Print where I asked them to print the name of my blog MoneyConnexion.com with the tagline “Make Money, Save Money & Never Lose Your Money”. At least 100 people asked me personally about my blog after reading its name on my back. And thousands of people must have seen this. Similarly I have printed my blog name on the rear window glass of my car and, I am sure, it gives me more views than my T-Shirt.

4. Flyer distribution
Flyer distribution is one of the most affordable ways to promote your blog. When I first created my blog, I distributed around 20,000 leaflets at the Dadar and Andheri stations. And yes, I really generated a good number of visitors after distributing the flyers. It will cost you as little as Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500 to create a small size flyer size 3 inches by 5 inches. You just need to choose a crowded area in your city. You can either undertake the distribution yourself or hire someone to distribute the flyers on a regular basis. You can also distribute flyers through newspapers. You can contact the newspaper vendor in your area or other parts of the city and send your flyers through their publication. There is another method if you want to target other cities. You can find the number of pamphlet distribution services that can help you from designing to distributing your flyers.

5. Write freelance articles for local print publications
Although many people who consume media are skeptical of the future of print publications, there’s no denying that they still exist and they still have plenty of readers. A fun way to promote your blog is to write freelance articles for local dailies, and include a link to your blog in your byline. For casual readers who don’t necessarily read many blogs themselves, seeing your name in print attached to an interesting and well-written article will pique their interest to look you up on the Web.

6. Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth!
Many bloggers spread the word about their blog only online. But they often forget their closer circle of friends and family, who, when you consider your close ties, will have a greater desire to tell other people about your blog. So don’t be shy—talk to everyone and anyone you know about your blog and encourage them to visit it!

7. Other Offline methods
There are many other offline promotional methods you can use to promote your blog. Just check them below:

Write on currency notes: You can simple write the name of your blog in the blank part of the currency notes. Don’t do it if it’s not allowed in your country.

Bluetooth: Keep the URL of your blog as the display name of your Bluetooth. Your friends, neighbours and society will definitely come to know about your blog name.

Cyber cafes: Go to your local cyber cafes and change the homepage of the desktop background or theme with your blog URL.

Public Toilet: Keep a marker or stickers with your blog name with you. Whenever you go to public toilets or other crowded places, just write the blog name or put the sticker on the wall.

While blogging itself can be very time consuming, promoting your blog can take up just as much time and effort. Although promoting your blog offline should never be your only method, when you combine it with online promotion, you’ll have a marketing strategy that’s tough to beat. Good luck!

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