Easy step to add contact us page in blogger free contact form for blogger html code 2018-2019

Blogger propelled it's legitimate variant of the Contact Form Widget however, it works just on the Blogger Sidebar. On the off chance that you need to add the contact shape to the sidebar, quit perusing and allude this instructional exercise – Contact Form Widget for Blogger SidebarContact Form Widget for Blogger Sidebar. In the event that you would prefer not to add the contact frame to your Blog's sidebar however need it to show up on a particular page, at that point this instructional exercise will enable you to out. I didn't need the contact frame to seem wherever on my blog. So I have moved it to a different Contact Me Page

This post has been refreshed so the contact shape takes a shot at all types of Blogger versatile perspectives.

The most effective method to move the Blogger Contact Form to a different Page

Take after the underneath ventures to move the Contact Form to a different page. On the off chance that you might want to see a demo, you can look at my Contact page.

To start with, add the contact shape to your blog sidebar and test it. Ensure that you are accepting messages in your inbox when you tap the send button.(This is a discretionary advance)

Presently expel the Contact Form device from your sidebar. You can do that on the format page.
Blogger Contact Form
Presently discover the special blogID of your blog. At the point when can discover this blogID on the URL bar of your program when you are on any page on your blog's dashboard. This blogID is required to produce the code for the new Contact Form page. The beneath screen capture clarifies how you can discover the blogId. Locate this number and note it down. This number will be expected to produce code for the contact shape.
easy step to add contact us page in blogger

Now create a new page in your blog than paste the secret code the code provided in comment section

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Copy and edit the below code snippet. Editing the blogId number is mandatory(Use the number which you noted down in step 2)

While creating the Page, you have to switch to the HTML mode as shown in the image below. Then paste the above code into the post editor(after proper editing), disable the comments and publish your page.
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Once the page is distributed, go to this new page round out the contact shape, tap on the send catch and check that it conveys the email to all the Blog administrators. 

FAQ: Frequently made inquiries : Contact Form for Blogger 

Question #1 : Why would it be a good idea for me to include a Contact Form? 

Including a contact frame will make it simple for your perusers to get in touch with you. They don't need to bring the torment of taking note of down your email address, opening up an email application like Gmail/Hotmail, creating and sending it crosswise over to you. Rather they can simply approach your blog, fill in the vital data in the contact frame and simply press send. That makes it so natural for them. It's additionally helpful to the blog chairmen as they don't need to uncover their email address on your blog. 

Question #2 : Why should I move the contact shape to a different page. Why not have it on the sidebar? 

This is to a greater extent an individual decision. Something else to note is that, the normal sidebar contact frame doesn't as of now bolster versatile layouts. So in the event that you need the contact frame to be bolstered on versatile formats also, at that point it may be a superior choice to move the blogger contact shape to a different page. 

Question #3 : Can we add custom fields to the Blogger Contact Form? 

You may have considered this to be a 'No' on most instructional exercise sites, however it's not difficult to add custom fields to the Blogger contact Form. On the off chance that you are great with JavaScript and HTML, you could add on couple of more fields to the contact shape and after that quietly design link and dump the substance of these fields on to the message field. On the off chance that there are sufficient solicitations for this one, I will consider refreshing the instructional exercise with more subtle elements on the most proficient method to do this. 

Question #4 : Does the Blogger contact frame have any positive or negative effects on SEO 


Question #5 : Is the contact frame safe from SPAM? 

Generally yes.Blogger has sufficiently taken care to avert mechanized remark spam. Get you can never avert human spammers! 

Question #6 : Where will the contact frame messages be conveyed to ? 

As clarified in the instructional exercise, it will be conveyed to the email locations of all blog overseers. 

Question #7 : Contact Form says that the message has been sent, however I didn't get it. 

There are few reports that notwithstanding when the contact shape shows something along the lines of "Your message has been sent", the message doesn't get conveyed on a few online journals. On the off chance that you get this sort of a blunder, report the same to Google. The best place to get in touch with them would be the Official Blogger Product Forums however you need to experience Blogger's people group mediators who can heighten it to Blogger people. If it's not too much trouble let us know also in the event that we will have the capacity to help.

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