Free Download DR. Folder Lifetime License DOWNLOAD NOW ( VERSION: | 7.85 MB )

Dr. Folder

Dr. Folder is a product that hunt and supplant the standard symbol of a folder on some other symbol. It has a pretty and agreeable interface. It is an intense programming and simple to utilize. You can change symbols of folders rapidly and uninhibitedly just by clicking a few catches. Along these lines, utilizing Dr. Folder can spare you loads of time. The most imperative is that it can make your folders enthusiastic and I figure others will begrudge your lovely folders!

Free Download DR. Folder Lifetime License DOWNLOAD NOW ( VERSION: | 7.85 MB )
Free Download DR. Folder Lifetime License DOWNLOAD NOW ( VERSION: | 7.85 MB )


Get sorted out - Prioritize your assignments or demonstrate process advance with 'need' symbols

Spare time on discovering document - Put your folders all together in 1 click

Shield significant data from coincidental evacuation - Highlight critical folders that must not be expelled

Customize your workspace - Make your folders unmistakable from different folders, imparted to different clients on one PC or LAN

Key highlights:

You have the privilege to utilize Dr. Folder in your office

Dr. Folder can change the Network folder symbol. So you can modify your LAN

Dr. Folder contains extra symbols for office work

Dr. Folder enables you to change the folder symbol with the most effortless way (Just one mouse click)

Dr. Folder has two extra choices for folder symbol changes: "Make altered folder distributable" (compact) and "Apply chosen symbol to all subfolders"

Dr. Folder can check folders by need (high, typical, low), by level of work finish (done, half-done, arranged), by work status (endorsed, rejected, pending) and by the sort of the data contained in a folder (work documents, vital records, temp documents, private records).

Dr. Folder can change a folder's shading to typical, dull and light states

Dr. Folder changes folder symbols from inside a popup menu of the folders. To change a folder symbol, you don't have to run the program!

Dr. Folder's popup menu contains advantageous classification submenus.

Dr. Folder contains a User Icons tab where you can include a boundless amount of your most loved symbols and stamp folders with them. It's simple!

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