How To Pay Online Traffic Police Challan Payment India

How To Pay Online Traffic Police Challan (Step By Step Guide)

Keeping in mind the convenience of the people, Traffic Police has given information that you can now collect invoices sitting at home through e-challan. You will not need to go to any office for this. These facilities are for invoices made in . Due to this traffic police service you will not have to face the problem for collecting the challan. Simultaneously, transparency in the invoicing system will also come.

Pay online traffic challan Hyderabad

You do not have to do much for this, just following some steps you can deposit online invoices at home. Since this whole process is online and is under the supervision of the police, therefore there is no fear of any rigging in it. In this way you can submit your e-invoice.

How to Deposit Online Challan

If you call the challan fee for the invoices of the vehicles in easy language, you will first have to go to to deposit the invoice.

  • Here you will find a new window in relation to invoice delivery etc. Where you will have to fill the captcha by filling all the information about your invoice - such as invoice number, vehicle number or DL ​​number
traffic police online challan payment
How To Pay Online Traffic Police Challan Payment India

  • After this you have to click on the gate details option.
  • A new window will open in front of you now. In which you have to click on Pay Cry. Here you have to type your mobile number. 
  • Now OTP will come on mobile, which will have to be filled by clicking on Submit.
  • Now you will come to the website of the treasury, by pressing the Next button here, you can deposit your mortgage fees through the online process. 

What's the e-TrafficChallan

e-TrafficChallan is a software application that works on Android-based mobile apps and web interfaces. This app has been added to the vehicle and sheriff app. On this app you get different types of user friendly features. However, it is mainly used as a traffic enforcement system.

What will happen with e-TrafficChallan? 

e-TrafficChallan will save you precious time. Also, you will not have to go to any office to fill the invoice. Using this can reduce the revenue deficit and bring transparency in the system.

up police official  e-challan website
The best way to pay an E-Challan is to go the PayTm App on your mobile phone and select the Challan option and then select the city → Noida and then enter the E-Challan Number. It will show the details and the amount and then you can pay using your PayTm Wallet.

How do I check and pay an e-Challan issued by the Noida Traffic Police?

  1. I recommend to use official website of uppolice to view e-challan details
  2. We cannot pay e-challan online, currently for NOIDA.
  3. We have to visit Sec 14-A SP office to pay challan manually. It is better to carry e-challan detail print out to avoid hassle as sometimes there is server issue in police station to get print.

How to check pending AP Traffic Fine. e- Challan Status & Online payments:

Recently a new traffic violation has been added i.e., vehicle insurance, traffic police department has integrated the e-challan system with insurance data base to check the vehicle owners that do not renew the vehicle insurance on time will automatically issue the e-challan.

Traffic challan Payment Thorough PayTM

Pay through paytm also follow this link to pay on paytm :

Delhi Traffic Police Online Challan Payment

Delhi Traffic Police Challan: 

The Delhi Traffic Police set Challan system for traffic discipline in New Delhi.
Delhi Police decide to fixed a challan charge 'Street Transport and Safety Bill' and is the most recent proposition for movement challan for New Delhi Drivers, which was posted online for recommendations from people in general. For this, he also fixed the Challan rates.

You can easily get the challan rate from the traffic police official website

Delhi Traffic Police Challan Rates List Check Now

Name of Department- Delhi Traffic Police Challan 

Name of Challan- Delhi Traffic Police Challan E challan Price

Official Website-

E Challan Online Payment - Pay on the portal

Type of E Challan

Bike Challan, Car Challan, Over Speed Challan, Without Number Plate or Helmet Challan, Jump Red Light Challan, Without Driving Licence

This in sees that every one of the nations that have cut down street mischances has set up a central organization for such issues, without which, no specialist is prepared to assume the liability of a street mishap. This nodal office, if set up, would facilitate the endeavors of both the focal and the state governments. In the post, you will know about all kind Violation of driving challan rates.

Delhi traffic police pending challan

Govt. of India provided latest link for Delhi traffic police pending challan just click below available link to get all your Delhi traffic police pending challan

pay online traffic challan delhi

Delhi Police set up new challan List for the bad riders. It has been challan keeping in see the well being of open driving on the streets. The challan goes for setting up a specialist for National Highway Traffic Safety, which is motivated by the comparative office working in the United States of America; which is in Challan Rates of dealing with all movement related issues, for example, making structure and issuing rules for issuing driving permit, vehicle enlistment, security of vehicles and examining street mischances Majorly in Delhi.

Delhi Traffic Challan Payment Online

if you want to pay Delhi traffic challan payment online than easly click below link to get clear your challan payment online with simple steps

Delhi Traffic Police Challan Rate List

Public Interface Traffic Offences

  • Not using seat belts - Challan Rates -100/-300/-
  • To travel on footboard- Challan Rates -100/-300/-
  • Driving without horn - Challan Rates -100/-300/-
  • Driving without silencer - Challan Rates -100/-300/-
  • Violation of traffic signal - Challan Rates - 100/-300/-
  • Triple riding on two-wheeler - Challan Rates - 100/-300/-
  • Traveling without Pass/Ticket1- Challan Rates -100/-300/-
  • Driving left-hand drive indicator - Challan Rates -100/-300/-
  • Driver/Pillion rider without the helmet - Challan Rates -100/-300/-
  • Violation of mandatory road signs1- Challan Rates - 100/-300/-
  • Obstructive driving(Extra Passenger on Driver Seat)- Challan Rates -100/-300/-
  • Obstructive/Improper parking where police direction is indicated by signboard of “No Parking”- Challan Rates -100/-300/-

Major Traffic Offences in Delhi

Be aware of Major Traffic Offences

S.No. Description Section of DMVR/CMVR/M.V.ACT COMPOUNDING FEE
Ist Offence 2nd Offence
1 Red Light Jumping 119/177 & 184 of M.V. Act 990/- 2070/-
2 Disobey of Traffic Rules 119/177 90/- 270/-
3 Improper and Obstructive Parking 122/177 90/- 270/-
4 Travelling on Running Board 123(2)/177 90/- 270/-
5 Triple riding 128/177 90/- 270/-
6 Driving without helmet 129/177 90/- 270/-
7 Not displaying number plate 50/177 90/- 270/-
8 Misbehaviour by TSR/TAXI Driver 11.3/177, 66/192 A Not Compoundable
9 Over charging by TSR/Taxi 11.8/177, 66/192 A Not Compoundable
10 Refusal by TSR/Taxi 11.9/177, 66/192 A Not Compoundable
11 Driving without light (After sun set) 105/177 90/- 270/-
12 Driving without horn. 119(1)/177 90/- 270/-
13 Driving without Silencer 120/190(2) 900/- 1800/-
14 Driving with a defective

number plate 50/177 90/- 270/-
15 Violation of Stop line 113(1)/177 90/- 270/-
16 Disobeying Lawful directions 132/197 Not comp- Not -Compoundable
17 Allowing unauthorised person to drive 5/180 900/- 900/-
18 Driving by minors 4/181 450/- 450/-
19 Driving without licence 3/181 450/- 450/-
20 Over Speeding(1st Offence) 112/183(1) 360/- 900/-
21 Abetment for over speeding 112/183(1) 360/- 900/-
22 Driving dangerously 184 900/- 1800/-
23 Using unregistered vehicle or displaying "Applied for" 39/192 4500/- 9000/-
24 Violation of restriction of time on RTVs/care on various roads 115/194 900/- 2700/-
25 Blowing of Pressure Horm 119/190 (2) 900/- 1800/-
26 Conductor without uniform 23(1)/177 90/- 270/-
27 Driver without uniform 7/177 90/-- 270/-
28 Conductor without badge 22(1)/177 90/- 270/-
29 Carrying Passengers on goods vehicles 84(2)/177,39/192 & 66/192A 9090/- 18180/-
30 Carrying goods inside the passengers vehicles 84(3)/177,39/192 & 66/192A 9090/- 18180/-
31 Use of coloured light on Motor Vehilce 97(2)/177 90/- 270/-
32 Smoking in the vehicle (passenger) 86.1(5)/177 90/- 270/-
The Challan Rates for New Delhi proposes to set up Highway Traffic Regulation and Protection Force by the particular state governments to guarantee the unfaltering stream of activity and legitimate authorization of movement rules assumes place.  Delhi Traffic Police Challan (Fine) Rates List is given below.

How to pay Delhi Traffic Police E Challan Online Payment

Open the official link of Delhi Traffic Police on Google.

e challan payment

Fill the required details that are asked by the official website.
Enter your Challan No. Vehicle No. (fill the correct Challan no )
Choose the payment method like online payment, credit card or debit card.
Now enter the security captcha that is upper the Submit button box.
When all the details are filled correctly select Submit Button.
By following these steps you will easily pay your e challan online payment.

Alos Check- Download E Challan APP

Check Here- 

Full List Of  Delhi Traffic Police Challan Rates

These fines and disciplines have been heightened to check the hazard of defective driving. The real reason for street mishaps is tanked driving, crossing as far as possible and declining to security measures, for example, wearing a cap or locking in the safety belt while driving.
Challan Rates of Delhi Traffic Police

Many drivers avoid the traffic rules and make violence in the city so police fix Traffic Challan Rates In Delhi to control them. The bill additionally goes into setting up a Motor Accident Relief Fund which would obligatorily give protection to all. Violation of traffic signal - Challan Rates - 100/-300/. It would be utilized as a part of taking care of the expenses of treating those harmed in a mishap or paying pay to the group of those murdered in street mischances.

1. Pollution Challan Rates In Delhi

Delhi police has set Air/noise pollution 190(2) MV Act Challan Rates - 1000/- 2000 Rupee.

2. Red Light Jump Fine Price In Delhi

Delhi police have set  Red Light Jump Fine of colored light on motor DMVR 97(2)/177 MV Act  Challan Rates - 100/- 300/- rupee.

Driving Without light after sunset CMVR 105/177 MV Act  Challan Rates - 100/- 300/-

3. Without Helmet Challan Price In Delhi

If you drive the bike without a helmet then you will pay 100/- 300/- rupee as Fine according to 129/177 MV Act.

Aside from these  Challan Rates, fines, and discipline, we should drive securely and take after the movement administers as a piece of our city obligation. It should originate from inside and not because of dread from paying fines and confronting disciplines.

Delhi Traffic Police Challan Information and Complaint

➧ Traffic Helpline: 25844444/1095
➧ Phone WhatsApp: 8750871493
➧ Complaint Against TSR/Taxi: 56767 SMS
➧ SMS Services/Traffic alert: 166

People also ask about e-Challan

Can I pay traffic challan online?

Steps to make traffic challan payment online using Paytm. You will be able to see “Pay Traffic Challan” option. Enter the traffic challan or your vehicle number. ... Once you have made the payment, you will receive an email and SMS to your registered email ID and phone number instantly.

What is traffic eChallan?

A challan is an official text written on a piece of paper issued to a person in particular. A challan is usually issued for violating traffic rules and regulation in India and neighboring countries. If a traffic challan is issued in your name, you are liable to pay the fine as mentioned in The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

How do I pay a RTO fine?

Enter your RTO city name, challan/vehicle number. Choose your payment method, i.e. net banking or debit/credit card or Paytm balance. You are directed to a secure payment page to process the fine.

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