Criciúma wins Brazil from Pelotas and leaves Serie B Z4

Criciúma defeated Brazil Pelotas 1-0 at Bento Freitas Stadium on Tuesday for the 8th round of the B series. In the first half, Xavante had a reasonable performance, created some chances and sinned in the finals. Unlike the final stage when it was controlled by the Tiger and neither frightened the goal of Luiz. Reis was the author of the only goal for the Santa Catarina.

Criciúma wins Brazil from Pelotas and leaves Serie B Z4

With the result, Brazil de Pelotas fell to 12th place with nine points. And Criciúma left the relegation zone and jumped to 15th place with the same Xavante score.

In the next round the Brazil of Pelotas visits the Botafogo-SP in the Santa Cruz Stadium. Criciúma receives Coritiba in Heriberto Hulse. The games take place after the Copa America.

The game

Very truncated the beginning of departure in Bento Freitas. At 05, Marcinho crossed the area and Murilo Rangel headed straight for the goal. Luiz makes great defense and avoided the first goal of the Xavante. Tigre took a reactive stance and speculated counterattack.

The owners of the house risk kicks from outside the area in an attempt to pierce the defensive blockade of Santa Catarina. At 18, Douglas Baggio straightened the ball and dropped a bomb. The ball went over the goal of Luiz. Four minutes later came Criciúma's answer through Vinícius, cut to the side and kicked placed. The round drew the target of Carlos Eduardo.

In a well-planned move, at 24, Marcos Vinícius played for Reis who kicked over Carlos Eduardo making the ball die at the bottom of the net. In an attempt to equalize the score, the constituents launch into the attack.

Almost the Brazil of Pelotas tied, at 37, Luiz left the goal. On seeing the far goalkeeper, Marcinho risked from a distance, but Platero's header saved the visitors. Shortly Tiger did not score the second, at 44, Marlon took the corner and Liel caught first scaring the archer Carlos Eduardo.

During the initial stage the Xavante created the best opportunities, but sinned in the finalization. Meanwhile the Tiger proved more efficient and deadly in the chance he had.

At the beginning of the second half, Rogério Zimmermann's side found it difficult to penetrate the defense of Criciúma. To gain more offensive force, Xavante put striker Bruno Paulo in the place of Douglas Baggio.

The first arrival with more danger in the final stage was, at 19, Bruno Paulo makes a good move and touched Marcinho. He straightened and kicked, but the ball came out crooked and out. With space for the counterattack, the Santa Catarina begin to endanger the goal of Carlos Eduardo.

Without much organization, Brazil in the base of the abafa looks for the tie. And Criciuma defends well and speculates some move of speed. In the final stretch, the Xavante abused crosses to the area which facilitated the work of the defenders of the Tiger. In spite of the insistence, the principals did not know to pierce the bolt of the equipment of Santa Catarina that conquered important triumph.



Location : Bento Freitas Stadium, in Pelotas-RS

Date : June 11 (Tuesday)

Time : 7:15 pm (from Brasilia)

Referee : José Cláudio Rocha Filho (SP)

Assistants : Anderson José de Moraes Coelho (SP) and Daniel Paulo Ziolli (SP)

Yellow card : Luiz, Wesley (Criciúma), Leandro Camilo (Brazil by Pelotas)


CRICIÚMA : Reyes, 24 minutes into the first half.

Brazil - RS : Carlos Eduardo, Ednei (Ricardo Luiz), Leandro Camilo, Bruno Aguiar and Sousa, Leandro Leite, Carlos Jatobá, Marcinho and Murilo Rangel (Daniel Cruz), Douglas Baggio (Bruno Paulo) and Rafael Grampola.

Technical : Rogério Zimmermann

Criciúma : Luiz, Marcos Vinícius, Platero, Derlan and Marlon, Liel, Wesley, Eduardo (Jean Mangabeira) and Reis (Reinaldo), Vinicius (Caíque) and Léo Gamalho.

Technical : Gilson Kleina

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