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Difference between Latex and non latex condom | Condoms

Condom is a common product used during sex. There are varieties of varieties available in the market, out of which two condoms are more prevalent. Latex and non-latex condoms Let's see what is the difference between these two.

Difference between latex and non-latex condoms
Difference between latex and non-latex condoms


These are the most common condoms. Which meet almost everywhere. They are made from rubber. Today, many types of condoms have come to this day. Such as flavored, dotted or XL. The most important thing about latex condoms is that it is about 90% safe. Besides, they also have elasticity, which is why they are most beneficial for the elderly men.

Non Latex: 

These condoms are for people who are allergic to latex or rubber. This type of condom is made from rubber as soon as a substance. In the non-latex condom, everything is similar to latex condoms, but this kind of condom does not have rubber-like elasticity. The condom comes in two sizes and it is much slim than the rubber condom.

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