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In the ICC World Cup (2019) , India will have to play their next match against Pakistan next Sunday (June 16). Emotions remain at its peak in any match between India and Pakistan, but these emotions will be even more extreme because diplomatic tensions between neighboring countries are on their peak.

Mauka Mauka
Mauka Mauka

In order to increase the hip, Broadcast Star Sports is focusing on a match with Pakistan. To make more hype, the World Cup advertisement 'chance-opportunity', which was played in the 2015 World Cup, is being telecasted again.

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In the race to replace Shikhar Dhawan, the name of these two players is at the forefront!

India-Pakistan match is on June 16 and Father's Day is celebrated on this day all over the world. As expected this video has been made quite fun and exciting. Pakistan has never defeated India in the World Cup so far.

India vs Pakistan Mauka Mauka
India vs Pakistan Mauka Mauka

This video shows actor Vikas Malhotra, who is in the role of Pakistani son. He is recalling the point of his father who used to say that the man should never give up and continue trying.

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Indian Fans VS Pakistani Fans

Indian Fans are behaving like a father in front of the Pakistani fan. 'Chance-chance' ed has gained tremendous popularity after being viral.

This advertisement is getting mixed reviews of fans. Some fans are reminiscing the channel of 2017 Champions Trophy when this campaign was reversed and India was badly defeated by Pakistan.

  • Explain that India and Pakistan have competed in the World Cup so far 6 times. Pakistan has not won one of these times. 
  • In 1992 India defeated Pakistan by 43 runs. 
  • After this, India had won by 39 runs in 1996. 
  • In 1999, India defeated Pakistan by 47 runs. 
  • At the same time, during the 2003 World Cup, India had won by defeating Pakistan by 6 wickets. 
  • In 2011, India won by 29 runs in Mohali. 
  • In 2015, India defeated Pakistan by 76 runs. 

Advertisement war before India-Pakistan World Cup match

While India made occasional opportunity advertisements during almost every international tournament, Pakistan did the same before the India vs Pakistan match, but what has been done in the name of creativity is highly condemn-able.

ICC World Cup 2019 is the occasion and on this occasion India's Mauka Mauka advertisement has also come. Opportunity ads created by Star Sports were created, they became very popular since the beginning and after that year-to-year, tournament-by-tournament tournaments were made for India. This advertisement was created by looking at the history of losing in Pakistan's World Cup, in which nothing is seen except for a slight nozzle. Say it to dedication on the game that all the opportunities and opportunities are provided with all the teams in the advertisements, they have got equal opportunity, but Pakistan probably does not understand such advertisements. Pakistan does not falter about its ominous movements and once again he has done something like that. India's hero Abhinandan Varthaman was used by Pakistan for his poor advertisement.

All the advertisements made for the World Cup seem tangled, but these advertisements are also considered to be the symbol of great creativity that there is no harm to anybody's dignity, but Pakistan may not understand this Made an ad about congratulations.

Fake congratulations have been shown in the advertisement of drinking tea and questions are being asked about Team India. The answer to the false congratulations is, 'I can not tell you this.' After that they start to go, then the tea cup is snatched from their hands. In this advertisement, greetings of mustache have been taken.

The army of any country is its dignity, and if there is a brave soldier in any one country, then the other countrymen can not use it as a joke. It is very wrong that even after the Pulwama terror attack and surgical strikes, Pakistan creates an advertisement like this.

This advertisement is being called a racist because it is forcibly shown as a human actor whose color is a bit darker.

India vs Pakistan is scheduled to be held on June 16 and because of Father's Day on that day, Star Sports has also made an opportunity and opportunity advertisement once again, but none of this shows that Pakistanis The hero of the military or his Awam or his government can be seen as an insult.

These ads have been made in India. Neighbors can be seen in the advertisement or enthusiasm in the game. Seeing both advertisements can be easily told where the creativity has been used and where only hate hatred has been shown.

Before this, India has made occasional occasion advertisements. First of all, he created many advertisements against Pakistan in the World Cup. The first chance-opportunity advertisement was very festive.

After this, such an advertisement came when every time India was in conflict with Pakistan. Not only that, such an advertisement has been coming in for any other Indian team.

Not only this, many teams were shown against India in the opportunity-opportunity advertisement, but all were talking about a good competition. Now such a joke is so good for Pakistan?

Think of yourself and know that Pakistan, which has not won even once in the World Cup from India, is showing its creativity by making fun of the person who has actually become the hero of the Indians. It does not know what Pakistan wants to prove by doing so, but it is of course that it will not be called creativity.

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