What is the meaning of cbm ?, What does CBM mean?

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CBM stands for "cubic meter" in shipping. This measurement is calculated by multiplying the width, height and length together of one's carton.
And if one has multiple cartons to ship, by adding the CBMs of each carton together volumetric weight calculator.
It is the first step you should take in determining how to ship your cargo.

CBM Calculation Formula :

Width (meter) x Height (meter) x Length (meter) = Cubic meter (m³).
CBM is volumetric measurement (In cubic meter) cbm shipping of cartoons to be loaded in a container sent thru shipping line and is calculated by multiplying all three dimensions (Length x Breadth x Height) of cartoon and added together for all cartoons.

How CBM is calculated?

Determining cubic metres(CBM) is the first step you should take in determining how to ship your cargo.CBM Calculation Formula : Length (centimeter) x Width (centimeter) x Height (centimeter) / 1,000,000 = Length meter x Width meter x Height meter = Cubic meter (m3).
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What is the meaning of CBM in shipping?

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CBM means Cubic Meter. However, the total weight of cargo should not exceed 1 ton. That means, if the cargo weight is above 1000kgs, the volume of cargo is treated on the basis of weight. In short, freight forwarders charges LCL rate on the basis of ‘per CBM’ or per weight of 1000kgs (1 ton) which ever is higher. CBM – cubic meter is calculated by multiplying length, width and height of packages of goods. For example, if the length, height and width of a cargo is 2.3 meters, 1.4meters and 2 meters respectively, the volume of cargo is 2.3 X 1.4 X 2.00 = 6.44 CBM. If you have the measurement in inches or centimeters, first you need to convert in meters and then calculate CBM which will be easier for you. If freight forwarder quote a rate of USD 10.00 per CBM, the rate will be 6.44 CBM X USD 10.00 per CBM = USD 64.40.

If the weight of the said package is 7 tons (7000kgs), the freight on LCL is calculated on the basis of weight. That is, 7 tons X USD 10.00 = USD 70.00. So, weight of 1 ton (1000kgs) is treated as 1cbm. In other words, the LCL freight is calculated on the volume of 1 CBM or weight of 1 ton (1000kgs) which ever is higher.

How to calculate CBM and Freight Ton

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One of the most common questions I get asked often is “how to calculate CBM and freight ton”, specially by those clients who get charged per Freight Ton or Revenue Ton..
Firstly CBM stands for CuBic Meter.. This is the most common unit used for the measurement of volumetric cargo.. Metric Tons as you know refers to the weight of cargo (1 Metric Ton = 1000 Kilograms)..
Freight Ton or Revenue Ton is derived by calculating the weight or volume of the cargo and the freight is charged based on whichever is higher..
When you have the dimensions of the package, first of all convert the measurement into meters..
Normally dimensions are in Length x Width x Height..
If for example the dimensions of a cargo crate is
3.2 x 1.2 x 2.2 meters then the CBM is simply 3.2 x 1.2 x 2.2 = 8.448 CBM..
As mentioned above, if the rate is quoted as for example USD.12/per freight ton and the weight of the package is 1200 kgs = 1.2 tons, then the freight rate for this will be
8.448 cbm x USD.12 = USD.101.376 or
1.2 tons x USD.12 = USD.14.4
Since the CBM rate is higher, the freight rate of USD.101.376 will apply.

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