What kind of women should you never marry?

What kind of women should you never marry?
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Papa's Fairy (Father's Princess) - These innocuous species believe that everything revolves around them and you should work whole life to please them.

Pseudo Feminist - In the first conversation, he will ask why is the word in the intelligent word?

Gold Digger - who wants her future husband from a prestigious college like IIT / IIM, even though she has done her graduation from Laxmibai Nandgude College.

"Homemaker" - They do not want to work after marriage because they have already made the main part of their life i.e. marriage. And please do not call them a housewife, call them "homemakers".

Miss Show Off - Who Will Give You Justice by Materialistic Things She takes iPhone, even if she is paying EMI from her BPO salary. Sorry, I mean the technical voice expert's job.

Social Media Freak - She thinks that if she does not tell what she will eat and what she does not do then the world will fall. He will also post a comment about being intimate with you and tagging 69 others!

Comparro-meter - he always compares you with his previous boyfriends or your friends' boyfriends. These are the same kind of girls who buy while shopping on the street saying that the second shop is paying at a very low cost!

Self-obsessed - even if it comes with an accident before coming to consciousness or herself, first she will make a selfie click and post it to Instagram.

Potassium snoring - no matter you tell him that you are going to die or something else, he will answer with "k" or "hmm".

Make a favor on yourself and try to stay away from such girls!

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