World Blood Donor Day 2019: Doing blood donation, you will save many lives, make confusion away, its no harm

In the state the number of patients with need of blood with number of injured and serious patients is also in lakhs. According to the report of National AIDS Control Society NACO 2018-19, 8 lakh 19 thousand 168 units of blood in the state were collected through voluntary donations. This year 13 lakh 46 thousand 515 blood units were supplied. It is clear from the statistics that 61 percent of blood is coming voluntarily compared to the amount of blood required in the state. According to the report, the total blood donation in the country was 16.1 million units. During this time 83 lakh 78 thousand unit blood was collected through voluntary blood donation. There are 146 blood banks in the state. Jaipur has 29 private and 7 government blood banks.

 World Blood Donor Day 2019

World Blood Donor Day

Only the districts have the structure, then the dizziness

The state of the blood banks is only in the districts. After the district level hospital, the facilities of blood banks and supply centers in the lower level government hospitals are not equal. There is a need to go around the districts or medical college hospitals only if there is a need.

Do also

Organize blood donation or blood donation camps on a special occasion in birthday, wedding anniversary, death date or home family.

Damage is not from blood donation

  • - Blood loss is done after 48 hours of blood donation 
  • - If you are completely healthy then you can donate blood every three months 
  • - Blood donation is completely safe, there is no harm to health, donating blood to reduce heart diseases the subsidiary 
  • - blood donation prevents the accumulation of excessive iron in the body 
  • - hemoglobin is not blood is less than twelve and a half 
  • - blood after normal work routine Can be Aj is 
  • - after the blood donation exercise caution, 10-12 glasses a day of water to drink, stay away from smoking, etc., three to four hours of driving and avoid the sun 
  • - after donating blood is not infected with any kind

Facts about blood donation

  • - 5-6 liters of blood is in an adult male and female 
  • - a healthy person can do 3 months. Once blood donation 
  • - 450 ml blood can be saved for 3 people 
  • - in 2 seconds a person in India require 
  • - 4 percent of the donation are the donation worth individuals in India 

to donate a blood twice in 75 per person - years
required to sooner or later blood in 1 - 3 in life So hath

Blood donation is not called such a mahadan. There are many benefits to the donor. Also blood is such a thing which has no choice. With severe illness or decrease of blood in the accident, more than 30 lakh people die every year in India, while only one percent population can complete this blood donation by donating blood. Surprisingly, despite being the world's largest population, India is far behind in blood donation. Even our neighboring countries are far ahead of us in this mahadan. World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on June 14, 2019, to eliminate blood deficiency. Let us know some important information related to blood donation on this occasion, which forces us to think about it.

Every year around 100 million people donate blood all over the world. Half of these donors are from developed countries. In other developing countries including India, there is less awareness among people about blood donation. Every year in India, people suffering from diseases or serious accidents need to have blood in one crore and two million units. Out of this, only 9 million units of blood are available and nearly 3 million people do not get blood on time. Figures show that small awareness towards blood donation can completely eliminate this problem. You would be surprised to know that if only one percent of the country's population donates blood, then that nation will never face a shortage of blood.

Is therefore celebrated World Blood Donor Day

World Blood Donation Day is celebrated in the memory of Karl Landstein, who has received Nobel Prize in Physiology throughout the world. Its purpose is to promote blood donation and to remove the misconceptions related to it. On this day, on June 14, 1868, the birth of scientific Karl Landstein was. They identified the blood group A, B and O group on the basis of the presence of agglutinin in the human blood. This classification of blood made significant contributions to medical science. Karl Landstein was given the Nobel Prize in 1930 for the same discovery.

Status of blood donation in neighboring countries

In India where only 75 percent of blood is needed from blood donation, neighboring countries are far ahead of us in this case. There is a need of 90 percent blood donation in Nepal. 60% of the requirement in Sri Lanka, 95% in Thailand, 77% in Indonesia and 60% of total requirement of blood donation in Myanmar. Though India is far behind in blood donation, there is also a growing awareness among people. Punjab and Madhya Pradesh are at the forefront of blood donation in the country. In Tanzania, voluntary blood donation was only 20 percent in 2005, which increased to 80 percent in 2007. In Brazil, it is illegal to donate money or to receive compensation for blood donation or other human organ or tissues. In Italy, blood donors get a leisurely holiday on World Blood Donor Day. Here the employer also offers additional benefits for encouragement to the donor.

Only 10 percent of women can donate blood

Blood donation can increase, but women are not able to donate blood. Reason, they do not get medically fit. According to doctors, women's contribution in voluntary blood donation remains only about 10 percent. The biggest reason for this is their hemoglobin less than 12.5 grams, which is essential for blood donation. If hemoglobin is okay, then the weight remains too little or too much.

Blood donation is not weak

All therapeutic research has proved that there is no weakness in the body from blood donation. Even in the summer there is no weakness in blood donation. It is a different matter that people avoid donating blood by looking at sunlight and heat. While the demand for blood in the summer increases significantly.

Need of Blood Donation in India

  • Every year about 10,000 children in India are born with disease like thalismemia. Many of these children die due to lack of blood at the time.
  • There are more than one lakh Thalassemia patients in India, which require frequent blood transfusion.
  • In India, only eight out of a thousand people make voluntary blood donation.
  • There are 100 percent voluntary blood donation in 60 countries of the world. People here do not take money in exchange for blood.
  • Patients in 73 countries of the world have to depend on blood sugar or blood sellers for blood. India is one of them.
  • The lack of blood may not be removed from any medicine or therapy. That means there is no substitute for blood.
  • About 100 million people donate blood every year around the world.
  • In India 1 million 20 million people are required every year due to illness or accident.
  • Only 9 million people get blood every year in India, while three million people die from getting blood.
  • In the year 1997, the World Health Organization launched the 100% voluntary blood donation.
  • World Health Organization has invited 124 major countries to participate in the campaign and called for voluntary blood donation.

Facts about blood donation

  • People between 17 to 68 years of age, who are over 45 kg, can donate blood.
  • A common person has 10 units (about 5-6 liters) of blood in his body.
  • Only one unit of blood is taken in blood donation.
  • Many times only one car accident requires 100 units of blood.
  • Once blood donation can save lives of three people.
  • Blood group 'O' is negative for only seven percent of India's population.
  • The 'O' negative blood group is universal donor, meaning that blood of this group can be donated to anyone.
  • The process of donation is quite simple and there is no difficulty in dealing with it.
  • Blood donation can only be given on the weight of the blood donor, pulse rate, blood pressure etc.
  • Men can perform regular blood donation for three months and women in four months intervals.
  • Not everyone can donate blood. It is very important for you to be healthy for blood donation.
  • If you have dizziness, sweating, loss of weight or any other type of problem after blood donation, then you do not donate blood.
  • Benefits of blood donation

  • The risk of heart attack from blood donation is greatly reduced. Blood clots do not accumulate in the veins by blood clotting. Regular blood donation keeps the blood steady and blood flow is correct in the body.
  • Blood donation helps in losing weight. Blood donation must be done at least twice a year.
  • Blood donation comes from the body, because the new blood is formed in the body. This also makes the body tidy.
  • Blood donation provides relief from liver related problems. There is pressure on the liver when iron is increased in the body. Iron content is balanced by blood donation.
  • With the quantity of iron being balanced in the body, the risk of both liver disease and cancer is eliminated.

By donating a unit blood donation, your body decreases 650 calories.

Wear blood donation

  • Do blood donation only after the age of 17.
  • The weight of the donor should not be less than 45 to 50 kg.
  • Do not consume alcohol, smoking and tobacco 24 hours before giving blood.
  • When donating blood you should not have any serious or contagious illness or are not consuming any medication.
  • Women can not donate blood during the period or during breast feeding.
  • Eat good sleep and healthy food before donating blood.

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