Discovery Channel / Modi will be seen with Bear Grylls in Man vs Wild.

man vs wild modi

  • Show host Bayer Grylls told that the show will be broadcast at 9 pm on August 12
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bear Grylls will talk about climate change in the program
  • Special episodes of 'Man vs. Wild' were shot at Jim Corbett National Park

Modi bear Grylls For this program for Discovery TV, PM Modi has shot a Wildlife Adventure Tour. These episodes will be telecast on 9th August at 9 p.m. Bear Grylls with Modi The show's host Beer Grylls tweeted a video of himself and gave it information. Important issues such as wildlife conservation and environmental change will be addressed in this episode.

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Prior to PM Modi, many of the celebrities, including former US President Barack Obama, have become part of this show. Modi and Bear Grylls The show's anchor Bear Grylls on the adventure and the stunts of the stunts are such that they put their son's life on the stake. Not here, they had to leave the army because of this. Let's know similar things related to beer grills.

About Bayer Grylls 

Bayer Grylls belongs to a reputed family of Britain. His father Sir Michael Grylls was a politician. His grandfather, great grandfather was a famous cricketer. Grylls has long been associated with adventure and nature through television shows. Escape to the Legion, Bon Survivor / Man v. Wild, Worst Case Scenario, Escape from Hell, has worked in many popular shows including Mission Survey.

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Grills, who have lived in the British Army, have also lived in the British Army. He served the British Army from 1994-1997 They are mastered in areas such as climbing, parachuting, survival, armed warfare. He was posted twice in North Africa as the Survival Instructor of a Regiment. During this, there were two accidents with him. During the free fall from the parachute, they survived the first tragedy, but in the next year there was a major accident in Kenya and on the time the parachute was not open due to severe injury. During this period, there were three serious fractures in his spinal cord and he had to leave the army.
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Bear Grylls Life Bio

Grylls is crazy about the adventure on the bet that he left his son Jesse alone on the island of Saint-Tavvall on the northern Wales coast in 2015. Their use was to see if a lifeboat institution can save them before the tide bore on the island. The Institute had to practice weekly work of rescue work. However, Jesse was saved before any danger, but Grylls was criticized for it.
Bear Grylls Life Bio

Bear Grylls is known worldwide for his super hit show 'Man Vs Wild'. PM Narendra Modi will be seen with him in Bayer's show. Since tweeting the promos of Bayer Grylls 'Man versus Wild', videos of him and Modi (PM Narendra Modi) and many photos are becoming viral on social media. This special episode of 'Man vs Wild with Bear Grylls & PM Modi' will release on August 12 at 9 pm.

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Edward Michael Grylls OBE, better known as Bear Grylls
The full name of Bear Grylls is Edward Michael Grylls. Beyond born in London, Bear is a British East SAS (Special Air Service) Serviceman, Survival Instructor, Lieutenant Colonel and Television Show Presender. After coming to the show "Man vs. Wild", which was broadcast on Discovery Channel, he became famous all over the world. Bayer is one of the few people in the world who can survive in any situation. They are often seen as snakes and scorpions in the show. He is one of Britain's youngest people to climb Mt. Everest. At that time, he was 23 years old. Prior to them, James Allen, the Australian / British climber, had climbed the Everest at the age of 22.

Bear Grylls Television, Speaker, Adventure Park & More

Grylls studied at Eaton House, Ludgrove School, Eton College and Berkbeck, University of London, where he received a part-time undergraduate degree in Hispanic Studies in 2002. At the very young age, he learned to climb high heights and drive the ship. After leaving school, Grylls considered joining the Indian Army and spent a few months traveling in the Himalayan mountain range in Sikkim and West Bengal, Assam. From 1994 to 1997, after a selection in the United Kingdom Special Forces, he served part-time in the form of 21 Regiment Special Air Service of the United Kingdom Special Forces, 21 SAS (R), Equestrian, Survival Instructor and Patrol Physician. He claimed to be serving twice in North Africa.

Bear Grylls with PM Modi

Narendra Modi Bear Grylls In 2007, Grylls claimed that he had set a new world record by flying over the Himalayas, more than Mount Everest, by the Parajet Paramotor. Grylls flew from the height of 14,500 ft 8 miles south of the mountain. Grylls reported that during the climb he saw the peak below and caught the temperature of -60 ° C. Modi vs Bear Grylls They severely low oxygen levels and finally reached 29,500 feet, which is about 10,000 feet above the previous record of 20,019 feet. This adventure was filmed for Discovery Channel worldwide as well as Channel 4 for the UK.

Grylls hosted a series called "Bourne Survivor: Bear Grylls" for Channel 4 in Britain, which was broadcast in the form of Man versus Wild in Australia, Canada and USA and as Ultimate Survivor on Discovery Channel in Europe, Asia, and Africa. In this series, Grylls are left in inaccessible places and the audience is shown how they live in those places.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be seen in Discovery Channel's popular television show 'Man vs. Wild' Show host Bayer Grylls gave it information in his Twitter post. According to this, Modi will be seen in the show on 12th August at 9 pm Grylls posted a video, in which Modi along with them crossed the river in a small boat, appearing in the forest climbing. According to the channel, special episodes for the show have been shot at Jim Carbet National Park.

Man vs Wild Modi Episode Will be broadcast in 180 countries

Grylls tweeted, "People of 180 countries will soon be familiar with the unseen aspect of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi will show how work is going on for awareness campaigns and geographical changes in India for conservation of wildlife. See Prime Minister Modi with me on Discovery on August 12.

In the tweeted video of Grylls, Modi is seen in the Sports Dress Up. PM Modi welcomes Grylls in India. They are then seen holding a weapon made of bamboo. They are saying, I will keep it with you for me. After this, Grylls laughed and said that you are the most important person in India, my job is to protect you.

Modi said - We have a chance to show natural heritage to the world

Mody said, "I've been living in mountains and nature in the forest for years. It had a profound effect on my life. In such a situation, when I was asked for another special program of politics, I made it necessary for them. This show for me was also an opportunity to show India's natural heritage to the world. The opportunity to spend time in the woods was very special for me. "The show's host said that I am proud to spend time with the Prime Minister of India and the global leader.

Show will be broadcast on Discovery Channel on August 12

The show has been shot to promote awareness on animal conservation and the environment. This show will be broadcast on Discovery Channel at 9 pm on August 12. This is the second time that a Nation chief has participated in the 'Man Vs Wild' show. Earlier, US President Barack Obama participated in a special episode in 2015 in Alaska.

Man vs Wild Modi Location

man vs wild modi location
Tourists taking Elephant Safari in Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand, India. 
Man vs wild Modi Full Episodes recorded in Jim Corbett National Park forested wildlife sanctuary in northern India’s Uttarakhand State.

Running Wild with Bear Grylls (2019) Prime Minister Narendra Modi

The Island with Bear Grylls British television programme

Man vs Wild Modi Episode time

Catch Man Vs Wild with PM Modi Discovery Channel India on August 12 @ 9 pm.

Man vs Wild Modi Youtube 

man vs wild modi trailer 

Watch Complete Video of Modi and Bear Grylls Link Below

Man vs Wild Modi Full HD Video Download

Obama has also appeared in Man Vs Wild

Let's say that former US President Barack Obama has also appeared in Discovery's Man Vs. Wild Show. During that time, Obama discussed important issues such as Climate Change, Wildlife etc

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