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Government Of India EESL AC Price

ACs to Get Cheaper as Govt Launches New Project A EESL Super-Efficent A C 1.5 TR
₹41300.00 From Govt of India Projects.
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EESL Launches Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Program

Major AC manufacturers in the country had been lobbying to the government for bringing down taxes on more energy efficient ACs (like five star or above and inverter ACs), lower tax rate under the upcoming goods and services tax (GST) and incentivizing buys through subsidy. However, the recent trigger came from the power ministry as minister Piyush Goyal himself took interest in it. The minister is keen to roll out a scheme that increases sales of AC in the country which will eventually bring down the cost of manufacturing, sources said.

EESL is expected to mobilize around $211 million to build an infrastructure to provide these air conditioners to residential and institutional power consumers in Delhi

EESL AC Specification

EESL Super-Efficent A C 1.5 TR

Price: ₹41300.00 
Bank Offer: Rs 1000 Instant Discount* with HDFC Bank Credit Cards EMI Option. T&C
Warranty: 1 Year on Complete Unit and 5 Years on Compressor

Additional information

  1. Capacity :1.5 TR
  2. Energy Rating : BEE 5 Star, Best in class efficiency
  3. ISEER Value : 5.4 (Please refer energy label on product)
  4. Manufacturer Warranty : 1 year on product, 5 years on compressor
  5. Copper Condenser Coil: Better durability
  6. Refrigerant gas : R-32. Environment friendly - no ozone depletion potential and low global warming potential
  7. Included in the box : Indoor Unit, Outdoor Unit, Remote Control, User manual, Warranty Card, Connecting Pipes

EESL AC Technical Specifications

  • Star Rating: 5 Star
  • Cooling Capacity Full Load (100%) : 5280w
  • Cooling Capacity Half Load (50%): 2640w
  • Cooling Power Full Load (100%): 1310w
  • Cooling Power Half Load (50%): 433w
  • ISEER: 5.4
  • Power Supply: 230 / 50 / 1 Phase V/Hz/Ph
  • Air Flow Volume - Indoor: 950 CMH
  • *Noise Level - Indoor: ≤46 ..dB(A)
  • Operation: LCD Remote
  • Compressor Type: High EER Twin Rotary - BLDC
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range: 145~270 v
  • Max operating Ambient Temp Range: 52⁰ C
  • Refrigerant Gas: R-32
  • Indoor Unit Dimension (WxHxD): 990x315x242 mm
  • Indoor Unit Net / Gross Weight: 13.5/16.5 Kg
  • Outdoor Unit Dimension (WxHxD): 870x600x355 mm
  • Connecting Pipe: Cu-Cu(12.5mm & 6.35mm)
  • Connecting Pipe Length: 3 Metre
  • Connecting Cable: 3 Metre
  • Condenser Coil: Copper

EESL AC Features

  • Filter: Anti Dust, Catechin Filter, Acaro Bacterium, Silver Ion
  • IDU Fin: Hydrophylic Aluminium
  • Copper tubes: Inner Grooved
  • IDU: LED Display, Self Diagnosis, Anti Fungal, 5D Concept, Auto Restart
  • Remote: Sleep Mode, Turbo,Swing, LCD Remote, Lock,Timer, Glow Buttons, Dual Temp Display
  • Air Vent: Cross Flow

Currently, the AC market in India is pegged at four million units a year, of which only six per cent are inverter fitted (which are more energy efficient than a 5-star AC) and 17 per cent are 5-star ACs. During the past four years, the AC market in India has grown at about five per cent per year, from 3.5 million in 2013 to 4.1 million units in 2016.

[EESL] PM Modi AC Yojana 2019 | Low Price Air Conditioner Registration

However, if implemented properly the scheme has the potential to boost sales. According to Pradeep Bakshi, president and chief operating officer, Voltas, the market is expected to grow by over 10 per cent in the coming years. This could increase the size of the market to 7 million units (per year) by 2020.


Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a joint venture between the public-sector units of the Ministry of Power and the government of India, has launched a “Super-Efficient Air Conditioning Program” for residential and institutional consumers in Delhi who procure power from BSES, Delhi’s major distribution company (DISCOM). EESL claims that these air conditioners (ACs) will be 40 percent more efficient than the 3-star ACs currently available in the market. EESL has also stated that it is working towards making this program available to all consumers across the nation with the other DISCOMs likely to partner with EESL in the future.

Meaning of EESL ?

Full form Of EESL is Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a joint venture between the public-sector units of the Ministry of Power and the government of India.
Pradhan Mantri AC Yojna 2019
Pradhan Mantri AC Yojna 2019

EESL AC Yojana Registration – Apply Online for Cheap Air Conditioners (ACs) by PM Modi Govt.

EESL will mobilise a capital of ₹ 150 crore for the programme while redeeming its investment through upfront payments for the super-efficient ACs from customers.

“Based on its past experiences with bulk procurement for other technologies and programmes, EESL expects to discover prices that are 20-30 per cent less than the retail costs of similar technologies currently available in the market… The Super-Efficient AC programme will also help to reduce the peak power demand in South and West Delhi by 22MW,” the statement said.

Quality of ACs under Pradhan Mantri AC Yojna 2019

The important features of the ACs to be provided by the Modi govt. under PM AC Yojna are as follows:-

  • All the ACs provided by the Indian govt. under PM Modi AC Yojana would be of at-least 15% to 20% lesser rates than of other companies.
  • These ACs would be of very excellent quality and would even beat the 5 Star Rating ACs of other companies.
  • These ACs under Pradhan Mantri AC Yojana would even save electricity b/w 35% to 40% than normal ACs. So PM AC Yojna would ensure that people will get reduced electricity bills on installation of these air conditioners.
  • Moreover, there is a provision of Exchange Offer for purchase of ACs under the PM AC Scheme 2019.
  • The guarantee period of the AC under PM AC Yojna would be of 1 to 5 years.

PM Modi AC Scheme Eligibility

It is important to note that from July 2019, the online bookings would be opened and people can then order 1 AC for themselves. The eligibility criteria to avail AC under Modi’s Air conditioner Scheme is as follows:-

  • People who want to apply online & make booking must be permanent resident of India
  • Only those people whose have their house meters in their name can apply online and order air conditioner under PM AC Yojana.
  • The default temperature in all the ACs under PM AC Scheme would be 24 to 26 degrees. In Japan, there is a provision of running ACs at default temperature of 28 degree. This would ensure lower electricity bills of people. These ACs would save around 20 billion units of electricity every year.

The government company named “Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL)” has been given the responsibility to manufacture high quality ACs for poor people at lower prices. EESL is the same company which has already provided free LED bulbs to poor people across the country under the flagship Ujala Scheme of Modi government.

Delivery within 24 hours

Be aware that within 24 hours of online booking, the AC is guaranteed to be installed in your home. For this, the government company EESL will launch a market place for common customers from July. Along with this, Exchange Offer will also benefit with this AC. It is estimated to be available in the AC market from July, that is, you just have to wait one to one and a half months.

Who can get AC

The customer will start getting cheap AC by July. At the same time, the company has set target for selling AC 2 lakhs by next year. At the cheap price, only those customers will get the electricity connection in their name, the bill will be required for this. It will be much more efficient than the 5-star rating market in the market to save the power of AC power.

Energy efficient AC market in India remains very small as penetration of ACs is still at three per cent of the total households in the country – lowest among all large consumer durable items. While in China, out of the total 10 million ACs sold every year, over 55 per cent are inverter ACs, in Australia and Japan the figures are 85 per cent and 100 per cent respectively.

How is the cheap AC possible?

Explain that EESL is the same company that provided cheap LED bulbs and tube lights in many homes in the country. Now the goal of the company is to bring affordable home AC. The company did the work of selling cheap tube lights and fans to discom with electricity provider Discom. Not only this, according to EESL, the purchase of AC in bulk will reduce the cost. The LED bulb and the fan also got in low price by buying in bulk. However, according to the information, there will be an AC guarantee for one year, while AC compressor will be guaranteed for up to 5 years.

To encourage buyers to go for higher energy efficient ACs, manufacturers have also asked the government to bring down the tax rate under GST for ACs which otherwise is expected to be at 28 per cent.

What is AC War?

EESL to order 1 lakh ACs. Panasonic was the lowest price bidder, offering to make them at Rs 35,000, followed by Daikin, which quoted Rs 41,000.

During the initial phase, EESL has decided to procure 2,00,000 ACs from companies and sell them to institutional buyers like Banks (for office usage and ATM counters) and big corporate buyers. EESL has been given the task to implement the scheme keeping an eye on its successful implementation of a similar scheme on LED bulbs. Earlier, the firm had initiated a bulk buying and marketing scheme for LEDs which eventually brought down prices by 80 per cent.

According to B. Thaiagranjan, whole time director, Blue Star, the extent of decrease in prices would depend on the quantity of ACs that the agency manages to procure and sell during the initial phase. Higher the number of units sold, higher the cost benefits are.

PM Modi AC Yojana 2019

This initiative is is preceded by the company name EESL. This whole government scheme will give benefit to the low income families and Middle Class families. We know that every Indian whose average income is 20 to 30 thousand monthly, they didn’t afford aC at their home. So Government of India start initiative to distribute air condition at a very low and controlled subsidized rates. Start the scheme moment release on notification and the registration will be start soon. The Other motive to start pradhan Mantri Modi Yojana 2019 to save energy. At the time of Summer the power consumption will be increased due to huge demand of electricity. This is due to everyone is using fan, cooler for air condition. Because in the North India the temperature will be we reached upto 50 degree Celsius in the month of June July.

PM Modi AC Scheme 2019

With this scheme government will save 15 to 20% of energy. These conditions having star rating up to 3 star to 5 star. So they will consume less energy and give you a better output. Pradhan Mantri AC Yojana 2019 will be launched in the month of June. The government will start registration for this scheme in this month. But before you need to apply for this, you have to note down the eligibility criteria of this scheme. In a family only one AC will be distributed. According to Government when you will do PM Modi AC Yojana registration online, then the AC will be reached at your home within 15 days. And it will be installed within one month after it will be reached to your house.

Some basic features of pradhan Mantri Modi AC Yojana 2019.

  1. The main feature of the PM Modi AC Yojana 2019 is the rate of of AC is 15 to 20% less as compared to the other AC.
  2. The all distribution of air condition will be under the eesl company.
  3. If we talk about the quality of air condition then all the AC having 5 star ratings.
  4. According to official website this AC will reduce your your electricity bill up to 35 to 40% as compared to normal AC.
  5. So to install this PM Modi air condition will give you two type of benefit. One it is energy efficient and second one its rate is is very less.
  6. If you have an old AC have high energy consumption, then you can exchange your old and with new one under PM Modi AC Yojana.
  7. If we talk about warranty, then the warranty. is 1 to 5 years.

Eligibility criteria of PM Modi AC Scheme 2019.

This is a very beneficial scheme for all the Indians which is started by central government. The EESL company is the main operator of this whole project. So government give some eligibility criteria. The main motive of Central Government to provide benefit of this scheme to every family.

The person who is having an Aadhaar card and a citizen of India is is applicable to take benefit of the scheme.
Only one AC will be issued on one house Electricity meter. So the AC will be issued on the name of meter owner.
  1. In one house 1 AC will be distributed under PM Modi AC Yojana 2019.
  2. PM Modi Air Conditioner Registration
  3. To Do registration for PM Modi Air Conditioner, you need to visit the official website of EESL. On this website you can fill the Registration Form. Please Click here to read more. for More updates on EESL AC Booking, Price or Rate and Launch Date and How to Buy it please follow official portal.
These are the basic details of Pradhan Mantri AC yojana 2019. In this AC the basic temperature which is set by the company is 24 to 26 degree. In other countries like Japan this temperature will be 28 degree. Because in India the outside temperature will be raise up to 48 to 50 degree in summer. So this default temperature help small families to stay in their house safely. We hope that you will take benefit of PM Modi AC Scheme 2019. If you have any questions then you can ask in the comment section.

30% will be far cheaper per cent will be made according to the reports, provide AC 30 percent cheaper ones by the government to close 15 of the market price. Most importantly, it will eat less than 30 to 45 percent less power than normal AC. This would be far better than the AC rated 5 star ratings in the AC market. The sale of these low energy expenditures and cheap prices of AC by the government can be done through DSM.

EESL will launch: AC with this cheap price will be launched by the government company EESL. EESL has also given information regarding this AC on its website. According to the information provided by EESL on their website, the cost of AC will be reduced after bulk purchases. The guarantee of this AC will be 1 year, while the AC compressor will be guaranteed for up to 5 years.

Savings will be Rs 11,162 annually: According to the information given by the government company EESL on its website, this AC will help in reducing emissions by up to 1000 kg every year. Also, electricity bill can be saved every year at Rs 11,162. The company has targeted to sell AC to 2 lakh people by next year.

Exchange offers will also be: According to the reports, this scheme of government will also have an exchange offer. That is, you can also replace your old AC with a new AC. Apart from this, booking can be done online within 24 hours sitting in the house. One important thing is that your electricity connection is on your own name, because you have to show your bill to buy AC.


eesl ac booking online

For any queries/assistance please WhatsApp or call 9267987354. It will be resolved in 72 hrs.
Timings: 09:00AM to 5:00PM (Monday-Friday,except Holidays)

PM-Modi AC Scheme | Super-Efficient Air Conditioning program | BSES AC Scheme 2019 Registration

PM Modi AC Yojana 2019 Registration to get air conditioners at cheap prices, apply online or make booking at for Pradhan Mantri AC Yojna from July, exchange offer applicable. The primary objective of PM Modi AC Yojana 2019 is to provide air conditioners in each and every houses to make life of people easier. All the ACs to be given under the Pradhan Mantri Air Conditioner Scheme would cost between 15% to 20% lesser than ACs of other companies. #EESL #ACYojna #CheapAC #ModiACYojna #AC #NarendraModi #AirConditionerScheme #CheapACScheme #EESLScheme #EESLNews

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