What is Domicile Certificate? How and where to make it? online domicile certificate apply in delhi, maharashtra, west bangal, haryana, bihar, up, status

How to Get Domicile Certificate Online Full details of domicile certificate?

online domicile certificate apply in delhi

How to Get Domicile Certificate Online Full details of domicile certificate?

Domicile certificate is also called Residential Certificate. This document is required during college admission or for any government work. How to make Domicile Certificate Online in this article is explained in detail. If you are a parent or student and want to get addition in college then this guide will get you all the information about applying online domicile certificate.

Domicile Certificate kya hai? Domicile certificate Meaning

Domicile certificate indicates that the Domicile Certificate is a document that gives evidence that you have been residing in the same state for 15 years . It is said in this certificate that your name, address, age and nationality are residing more than 15 years at this address. It is also called Residential Certificate or Domicile Certificate.
During the college admission, there is a requirement of domicile certificate in the selection process. If you are admitted as a domicile certificate during the CAP round when taking admission in the Engineering, Medical Department.
But many of the logos are not aware of this and they do not have their domicile certificate in the right time. With the process of applying Online Domicile Certificate, you can sit and work quickly at home.

Required Documents to remove Domicile Certificate Online
Required Documents For Domicile Certificate Online

Required documents - Required Documents for Domicile Certificate Online

The following table lists the required documents. Every single column is required by any one document. Before filling out the domicile certificate form, you must scan all the necessary documents.

 Identity Proof

 Address Proof

 Other Document

 Age Proof (In Case of Minor)

Residence Proof

 Mandatory Documents

PAN CardPassportWater BillSFC CertificateResidence Proof by TalathiSelf-Declaration
PassportWater BillRation CardBonafide CertificateResidence Proof by Gram Sevak
RSBY CardRation CardRent ReceiptSchool Leaving CertificateResidence Proof by Bill Collector
Aadhar CardAadhar CardVoter List FeeFathers Domicile Certificate
Voter ID CardVoter ID CardTelephone BillExtract from primary school entry
Driving LicenseTelephone BillElectricity Bill
Photo of ApplicantDriving LicenseMarriage certificate
Signature of ApplicantElectricity BillProperty Tax Receipt
Identity card issued by Govt or Semi Govt organizationsProperty Tax ReceiptExtracts of 7/12 and 8 A/ Rent Receipt
Extracts of 7/12 and 8 A/ Rent ReceiptResidence Proof of Husband

How to Apply Domicile Certificate Online? 

Follow the steps given below to apply Residential Certificate online. 

Domicile Certificate in UP

Track Domicile Certificate Online/offline

  • Complete registration process on portal through your Aadhar card and mobile number and keep user id, password in mind.
  • Now enter the User ID, Password and District in the login section and login.
  • Domicile Certificate online apply
  • Select the option of Revenue Services from the left side of the dashboard opened.
  • Domicile Certificate online apply
  • From the list shown on the screen, click on the age, nationality and domicile option.
  • On the next screen you will see a list of Domicile Certificate Required Documents. Click on the Continue button at the bottom of the page here .
  • Now a form will open in front of you so that you have to fill the right amount completely.
  • Enter all the items in the form such as applicant details, beneficiary details, address details, education details, self-declaration form etc.
  • Here you domicile certificate Why do you want to get it on reason must. Such as for college admission purpose, for rail recruitment purpose etc.
  • After all the options are completed , tick the I Accept button and click on the Save button.
  • Now you will be told that you can not edit any details on form Save. Now again, check all the details again and click on the save button.

Domicile Certificate Delhi Status

  • STAGE 2 : Domicile certificate online In the next stage of applying , you have to upload the photograph and all the necessary documents. Before uploading the photo, read the requirement as described on the screen and make an image file like.
  • Domicile Certificate online apply
  •  Identity Proof, Proof of Address, Other Documents, Age Proof (In Case of Minor), Residence Proof, Self Declaration Any one of these sections should upload a scan copy of a document. You can also import the document through DigiLocker here .
  • After uploading all the documents click on Upload Documents and go to the next item.

Domicile Certificate Uttarakhand

  • STAGE 3 : In the next stage you have to pay . You can make online payments via debit card, credit card or internet banking.

Domicile Certificate Delhi

All the process of applying your domicile certificate online is now complete. This document will take 15 days to be generated. After 15 days you can login to the website and download domicile certificate.

If for some reason you have your domicile certificate form reject the dashboard you to see it and Correction Appeal can.

Validity of Domicile Certificate in Delhi

The Validity Of Domicile Certificate in Delhi is Only for 1 Year From The Date Of Issued Of Certificate. After Expiring of Certificate You Need To Do Reapply With Fresh Application and Supporting Documents 

Domicile Certificate Apply Online

If you are unable to get a free online domicile certificate, you can also do this work offline. In this manner you will have to go to the nearest urban facility center near your area. The complete information of the offline process is given below.

How to Apply and Get Domicile certificate in offline mode

  1. Go with the documents given above in your nearest urban facility center / e-service center / bridge.
  2. Along with the above documents, you  will also get the Affidavit certificate court fee stamp .
  3. Pay the necessary charges and signature etc. if asked.
  4. Now after waiting a few days after you wait, go to the center again and get a domicile certificate.

How Apply Domicile certificate in offline mode

Go with the documents given above in your nearest urban facility center / e-service center / bridge.
Along with the above documents, you  will also get the Affidavit certificate court fee stamp .

Domicile Certificate Haryana

Pay the necessary charges and signature etc. if asked.
Now after waiting a few days after you wait, go to the center again and get a domicile certificate.

Domicile Certificate FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

How much is Domicile Certificate Charges?

Domicile certificate online has to pay some charges. These charges may vary for each state. For Maharashtra it charges Rs 50

How much time does it take to get a Domicile Certificate?

You get a domicile certificate in 14 to 15 days. This time can change for different states.

How much charge for affidavit?

To apply offline domicile, you need Affidavit. 60 for this document From 100 to Rs. Comes the cost.

Created offline / online Domicile Certificate Is Origin Whether or not?

The government created the system to check the authenticity of any document made from the portal. Record the number of barcode given in your document from the Verify your Certificate section. When this barcode is verified in the system, it will tell you whether this document is original or not.

Error in uploading documents and photos

In the portal, you will be told what the format and size of the document should be. If you have a scan image of a different format or more size, then you can change it from the online image editor to the required format and reduce the size.

How To Track Online Domicile Certificate?

To track the certificate, you can track your application by entering the application from the Track Your Application section of the portal.

How to make a domicile certificate for a student under the age of 18

If you are under 18 years of age (Beneficiary) then you can make Residential Certificate in the name of your father or the applicant. You need to upload Age Certificate document at this time.

How to fill self-declaration form?

When filling the form you will get the option of downloading a self-declaration pdf file. Download this file to your computer and remove the print. Now fill this form with your hand and then upload it to its scan copy portal.

Summary -

By Applying Domicile Certificate Online you can find it very easily and quickly. This document is useful during college admission or during government jobs. You can also create your own residential certificate or domicile certificate by offline.

Your questions and suggestions can tell you through comment. Do not forget to enter your email id and name in the given form to get similar useful information in your email.

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