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How to vote Indian general election, 2019

You can vote only if your name appears in the Voter List (also known as Electoral Roll). Voters can also find information on Polling Booths, Contesting candidates, Election Dates & Timings, Identity cards and EVM. Name in Voter List / Electoral RollYou can only vote if your name appears in the Voter List (also known as electoral roll). Verify your name on the list by either: Logging on to electoralsearch.inCalling the Voter Helpline 1950 (please add your STD code before dialling)SMS <ECI> space <EPIC No> to 1950 (EPIC stands for Electors Photo Identity Card also commonly known as Voter ID card). Example - If your EPIC is 12345678 then sms ECI 12345678 to 1950Download Voter Helpline App Candidate Names Voters can visit Candidate Affidavit Portal (click here) or download the Voter Helpline App (click here) to see the list of candidates. Please note this data is updated as affidavits are filed by candidates. Find Polling booth (Where to vote)Voters can go to…